U.S. Air Force developing terrifying swarms of tiny unmanned drones that can hover, crawl and even kill targets

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  1. Brendon says:

    It sounds like these drones could also fulfill Revelation 9:10 where it says, “And they had tails like unto scorpions, and there were stings in their tails: and their power was to hurt men five months.” What do you think?

  2. Julia says:

    The elect today(US) are as the 3 hebrews cast into the fiery furnace,yet they came through unharmed with their saviour,and so will we.It is written we are given teachers,prophets and of course the sword of the spirit which is the word of God.THANK YOU John McTernan,a teacher for this time..(Isaiah 30 V 20,21)And though the Lord give you the bread of adversity,and the water of affliction,yet shall not thy teachers be removed into a corner anymore,but thine eyes shall see thy teachers:And thine ears shall hear a word behind thee,saying,This is the way,walk ye in it,when ye turn to the right hand,and when ye turn to the left.We’re heading for a land where there are no more deceptions from the enemy,we’ll not encounter any ravenous beast only peace for our souls Praise God!!(Isaiah 35 V 8-10)And a highway shall be there,and a way,and it shall be called The way of holiness;the unclean shall not pass over it;but it shall be for those:wayfaring men,though fools,shall not err therein.No lion shall be there,nor any ravenous beast shall go up thereon,it shall not be found there:but the redeemed shall walk there:And the ransomed of the Lord shall return,and come to zion with songs and everlasting joy upon their heads:they shall obtain joy and gladness,and sorrow and sighing shall flee away.SOUNDS LIKE HEAVEN TO ME!A place worth fighting to get to!

  3. MaryE. says:

    Brendon,that scripture came to my mind,too. Before,I thought it could be helicopters or something like a weapon,but now I wonder…..

  4. Joe says:

    The first 3 idiots to get the mark will be Wolf Blitzer, Piers Morgan, Anderson Cooper, these 3 will wait in line to get the mark especially if its a tattoo they will think it is cool, the 3 stooges , I think they will look good with it, thought I would give everyone a good laugh.

  5. Mrs. CJB says:

    The truth has really become stranger than fiction, hasn’t it Brother John? Please allow me to make a prayer request for two friends. Sandy H. and Theresa J. both from here in PA are in need of healing. Sandy just found out she has colon cancer, and Theresa
    has been in a courageous battle with the same disease for at least 6 or 7 years. God has done some wonderful things for Theresa,and Sandy is just beginning this battle. The Word say our battles belong to Him if we belong to Him. Your agreement in prayer would be so greatly appreciated, brothers and sisters. In Jesus is all hope.

  6. inhisservice says:

    Continuing to move closer to the mark of the beast…

    Senators in Immigration Talks Mull Federal IDs for All Workers:


    Will Americans Soon Not Be Able To Buy, Sell Or Get A Job Without A Global ID Card?


    Keep looking up, the King is coming..

  7. Danielle says:

    @Joe ~ that WAS pretty good …but after I had a laugh, I remembered that Jesus died for idiots as well – so I prayed that the deception would be lifted from their eyes and they will see clearly before it is too late! Shalom my friends!

  8. Joni says:

    Praying for Sandy and Theresa Mrs CJB.
    The Lord is the great physician, and they have a great testimony to look forward to speaking about after they become well again.
    This family of believers on John’s blog are the best prayer warriors ever.
    I have had the privledge of being on the receiving end of their prayers, and words cannot describe.

    God Bless us all,

  9. Julia says:

    Mrs.CJB.What a wonderful God you serve,his ears are always open to hear our prayers when brought to him in faith!
    Father we come before you today in prayer for our sisters Sandy & Theresa we believe you are a God of miracles,you alone are able to bring healing to our hearts, minds and bodies.We are in complete agreement and claim the promises of your word,and thank you for your presence in our lives.Thy will be done in Jesus name Amen.
    There are many promises given for us to claim in his word,here are a few.
    1 Peter 2 V24….Matthew 9 V 35….Jeremiah 17 V 14….Isaiah 53 V 5….Psalm 103 V 3….Psalm 107 V 20….James 5 V13-16….Luke 4 V 38-44.God Bless You & your friends.

  10. Cynthia says:

    Brother John I have started to notice a pattern of something happening following either an Obama visit to your business or most recent people who had performed at his inauguration. I read this morning that a band that performed at his inauguration was involved in a crash and of course the young lady who was killed in Chicago had also performed at the inauguration. There have also been many businesses that have closed down after Obama visits. It is starting to seem like more than a coincidence to me. Here a just a few examples of what I have just mentioned:






  11. Joe says:

    Danielle , I believe these guys know what they are doing they are God haters, hate our savior, remember we are on this side of the cross and have the complete word of God ( king James) , they also celebrate Christmas , they know about Jesus they just will not accept Him, they love there sin. These types are the earth dwellers talk about in revelation, oh and I did leave one out Bill Maher he the ring leader.

  12. Melany says:

    Mrs. CJB ~ I’ve made note of Sandy and Theresa and will keep them in prayer. I’m in Pennsylvania also.

  13. Ryan Thomas says:

    Mrs.CJB, You must love them much. Dear Father, Theresa and Sandy are going through some difficult times.Please hold them tight, assure them You are with them, and won’t let them go.Please keep their pain, so that it is bearable.Please convict them,that if you keep them here longer or bring them home,You are sovereign over life and death.In Your name Jesus,Amen. The last thing my wife said to me before she died of cancer,was that she was sorry. Not for herself, but that she wouldn’t be here to stand with me anymore. Love and strength to you all.

  14. Ryan Thomas says:

    Hi Joe, You are right, and even more discusting, they get paid to promote ungodly ways.How do they sleep at night? Maybe by taking one more look at their pile of money before they turn out the lights.

  15. Ryan Thomas says:

    Hi Cynthia, Now obummer is going to Israel !

  16. Julia says:

    Ryan And Joe it’s hard to tell who took their comic pill more.Thanks for the smile! It’s very easy for people like this to sleep at night though,because they don’t have a conscience.(1 Timothy 4 V 1,2)When one is filled with self, it’s a fun time in La La land and I,I Me Me world.The arm of the Lord is stretched out to them let’s hope they can see past themselves & find him.God Bless this ministry and all my family here.

  17. Mrs. CJB says:

    Dear Joni,Julia,Melany and Ryan Thank you all so much for your wonderful prayers for my friends Sandy and Theresa. Thanks also to any other blog family who prayed. May our faithful God help each and every one of us who meet here with our needs and sorrows.What part of PA do you live in Melany? I’m in Lycoming county.

  18. Cynthia says:

    An article that ties into Brother John’s warnings about our food supply and coming shortages:

    Beef Cow Shortage:


    It’s also getting a bit scary with horsemeat turning up in food products overseas, IKEA swedish meatballs being the latest. I also heard a story a few weeks ago that traces of horsemeat were found in “beef” from a supplier of Burger Kings (overseas) whopper, which Burger King says they have since broken ties with:




    • JohnMcTernan says:

      Right now there is a run on guns and ammo.
      If you need one, it is near impossible to get.
      The same will happen for food.
      That is why we need a supply to get us through tough times until things settle down.

  19. Julia says:

    John I was trying to find out how much the 666 pamphlets were and was never able to connect to site.Last night was the first time I was able to get a good connection to listen to blog radio.I have dinasaur dial up out here in the boonies,but I got the chance to get the answer for pamphlets and enjoy the program.God’s Blessings are upon this Great Ministry and looking forward to info to get out to the people.

  20. Melany says:

    Mrs. CJB ~ I’m in Butler County.

  21. Lori says:

    Hi John,
    I was wondering if you could direct me to some good info. on how to stock up for a disaster scenario? I appreciate any help! Thank You, Lori

    • JohnMcTernan says:

      I don’t have any place to direct you.
      This is something that you will have to seek.
      Seek God on this and He will direct you.

  22. ReBecca says:

    Lori, almost every Christian website has an emergency food sponsor. I use FreezeDryGuy.com and Wise Food Storage. Just use a search engine, such as Ask.com and you can find numerous places to buy emergency items.