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TomorrowLand: Paganism on Steroids (Part 1)

Tomorrowland Festival in Belgium has become so incredibly popular that it is the largest electronic dance music (EDM) festival in the world. Its main draw isn’t the music but the license to do whatever strikes anyone – whether that’s drugs or officially sanctioned casual sex in the “Chapel of Love” – though what makes the biggest impact is pagan symbolism and rituals, combined with rhythmic metal machine music designed to induce a trance state. Each year the crowds and the demand grows larger; the symbolism more blatant. What are these festivals all about, really? The spiritual summoning of dark forces through negative energy – united through music in madness. They are the outgrowth of paganism, of the Luciferian agenda being brought to fruition. What is arising faster than most can imagine through new age teaching is old style paganism mixed with the worship of Lucifer. The religion of the end times and of the Antichrist will be paganism, first begun in Babylon and continuing through the ages. Though in recent centuries it has remained in the shadows, it never has disappeared and today it’s enjoying a resurgence beyond anything most could imagine.

Science: Transhumanism

There is so much incredible information to get out to you that I sort of had brain lock trying to get this to you. It was information overload. I have not posted on this topic for a long time and I was shocked at the advancement towards the “Image of the Beast” and trying to destroy the image of God in man. All I can say is “wow”.