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Google ‘Nearby’: Infiltration of Every Aspect of Your Life

We no longer can even hope for privacy, let alone expect it as a right. Life is closing in around us in the form of a Beast government which wants to track all we think, do and say, everywhere we go, and every item we purchase. It wants to know us better than we know ourselves and the Google gadget craze is opening the door for that by blinding the population to what really is occurring. That is what Nearby really is about. That Beast is forcing us into a system where eventually it will use all of that knowledge about us to weed us out. It will brook no dissent, and the beginning of that evil utopia is taking shape even now. Anyone who makes a politically incorrect statement is ostracized, fired, heaped with abuse, and in some cases, tortured or mind controlled.

Snowden revelations stir up anti-US sentiment

The foundation for the worldwide 666 Surveillance System is now out in the open for all to see. I believe that God used Edward Snowden to pull the veil back so the enter world could see the building 666 System. There really is no debate about this. The system is only going to get bigger and more powerful until everyone in world is under it and can do nothing with the approval of it.