Science: Transhumanism November 1, 2009

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2 Responses

  1. Bev says:

    With Movies like Transformers, and the new movie coming soon called ÄVATAR"~Õur youth are in deed being desensitized to these things ~~Amen

  2. Khaliah says:

    Aha, Shannon, Just because Horse reirds have protective helmets does not mean that it’s not as dangerous as CheerLeading. And I’m most definitely not saying that CheerLeading isn’t dangerous, But I’d say horses are more dangerous. I actually was in a severe accident, Horse related. And I’ve done some research on both. So,.. Basically Cheerleading has more injuries, BUT, Horseback riding has more deaths.. Over injuries.My view is this.The Pragmatic Side: horse riding is more dangerous, as it contains much greater potential danger. Falls, trampling, jumps gone awry, tangled straps, bucking, spooks and other sudden losses of control, kicking- remember that horses are several times heavier and more muscular than any human *and have a thick layer of metal nailed to their feet*. Sure you can get hurt cheerleading, but it’d have to be a damn high pyramid to inflict the injuries some of those could.The Statistical Side: cheerleading is more dangerous because more injuries result, a fact which cheerleaders apparently boast of. Presumably this means either that horse reirds take more effective precautions, or cheerleaders are more likely to report an injury.The Conclusion: Cheerleaders are less sensible horses.