Science: Calling Fire From Heaven

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  1. Teddy H Craig says:

    The lack of knowledge of the history of Israel [of many so-called Jews] is breath taking. One example is when I received a call from a Jewish student in Yale law school in his second year in one of the best schools in the country who heads the Pro Israel organization on campus wishing to advocate for Israel who was prompted to invite Walid Shoebat to speak at the University. He wished to ask me more about Walid's political views being against giving land for peace. I asked him if could I ask him a couple of questions first, and he agreed. I asked "Are you very familiar and have you studied the modern history of Israel?" in which he replied "no, I am not very familiar and have not studied the modern history of Israel." Then I asked him "how he was able to determine his political views concerning Israel, was it from the New York Times, CBS, NBC or CNN?" he responded "yes that is how I formulate my opinion." I then curtly responded, "young man you are not qualified to ask me a question!" It was pointless pursuing an avenue with such an uninformed student. How tragic and how sad. [Keith Davies, Executive Director, Walid Shoebat Foundation]

    So the only reason (or at least the very main reason) that the nation of Israel has any real support at all is not because of these Jews, who are clueless about Israel, but because of the bride of Christ who understands the history and importance of Israel from the Bible (by the Holy Spirit of YHWH in her).

    Once the bride is taken in the harpazo, then all of the real support will quickly die off, and all that is left is the many (who are all imagining vain things) who work with the Antichrist to set up that seven year treaty (which is a gross abomination in the eyes of YHWH) in the land.

    I have to believe that's a good thing; but, why? Because the sooner the bride of Christ has been taken, the sooner we get to that seven years, the sooner we get to Israel having to suffer all of the things of the great tribulation; then, the sooner we get to her being stirred up from her slumber by that, and fulfilling Hosea 5:15 in calling for Him, and the coming of His kingdom from heaven (of His 1000 year rule upon earth). I don't believe that any of that, can happen to soon, in all honesty! My main desire is to come into that time very very soon (ASAP); so, that's what I'm praying for as I pray the prayer: Your kingdom from heaven come, and Your will be done here on earth in its fulness as it is in heaven, very very soon! Amen.