Science: 666 Surveillance System

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3 Responses

  1. Dan.w says:

    The benefits of being [in the system],will be highlighted,so I believe people will stand in line to take the mark.One would be made to feel an oddball or misfit because of Antichrist’s slick marketing strategy.Just look at how commercials portray cash as outmoded,and how credit is so much more effecient.Reality is that when you have cash,usually you sail through checkout lines,while the one using credit has to show I.D.,a validation process ensues,all sorts of machinations take place that cash elliminates.You could almost grow a beard waing for someone to clear their credit check.The mark is almost here…and won’t it be easy and convienient..Thank God we who believe Christ will miss this part..but the stage is it not? God bless you all….Dan.w P.S. witness while there is yet time.

  2. dru v. says:

    The “herd mentality” seems to be the norm in our society and the church is uneducated on these endtime events. So many spritually dead members of the church will actually embrace the whole concept behind this mark of the beast and just follow the worldly herd!

  3. i think VERIZON is driving people off from the old dumb cell phones,,,,forcing them to buy and use the new smart phones

    they did it to me in Jan 2012

    i think obama is forcing VERIZON to do this,,,because the smart phones are easier to track the location by GPS (and the info,talk,text?)