Author: JohnMcTernan

What has a shadowy US government spy agency just shot into space? Top-secret group that boasts ‘nothing is beyond our reach’ blasts classified rocket into orbit

There is nothing that can stop or even slow down this technology monster of the National Security Agency (NSA). Its actions and goals are out in the open for all to see along with all its spying. Eric Snowden made this public, but nothing was done to slow this monster. It is getting bigger, stronger and all encompassing by the day.

Mind-Reading Robots Coming Ever Closer

The day is coming when technology reaches a level that your innermost thoughts instantly can be read by computers! The stage is set now to develop the technology for accomplishing this. Everyone’s mind, that is initiated into the 666 Surveillance System, will be altered or seared so there is no way out. Mind reading technology will be totally merged with the thought process.