Science: Transhumanism: June 6, 2010

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4 Responses

  1. Pamela says:

    Genetically altered "people" will be able to eat the genetically altered food…. With genetically modified brains that have switched off spiritual perception centers so as not to argue about the existence of God… to Destroy the bloodline of man… As in the days of Noah.

    John you have amazing perceptions from the Holy Spirit as to what to watch for! I really appreciate your blog!! Thanks!

  2. dale says:

    Thanks John good read. Who or what do you think will spiritually inhabit a cloned human being? A demonic entity? yikes!

  3. newine says:

    Scientists are finding that, within physical (time/space) singularities, ALL of their theories hit an unsolvable brick wall. The ways in which they discuss these problems point clearly to Yahweh, though they all seem to like the word 'nature' better. Sigh…

    Though I absolutely agree with you on the dangers of messing this deeply with the 'stuff' of life, this article, in the Christian Post, shows how some of the very darkest and most God-denying developments point clearly to the Creator. (I.e., if complex engineering — i.e., MINDS are required to make new forms of life, then mustn't OUR life also be due to a MIND?) Kinda cool as an apologetic…

  4. Kim says:

    Here's an interesting story which confirms all you've been saying; and look at the great light it's portrayed in.