Could we soon be reading people’s MINDS? Software uses brain scans to identify exactly what people are looking at

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2 Responses

  1. Irene C says:

    When I was young, U used to watch the old, b/w, B-grade sci-fi movies. The ones that spooked me the most were the ones dealing with mind control.

    Now that we are seeing this come to fruition, and it’s even more frightening than those old movies were. I’m not frightened for myself because I plan to be out of here and rejoicing with all my brothers and sisters with our Lord. But frightening for those who are currently asleep and mock the warnings we are shouting. I grieve for the lost and pray for those who think I’m a fanatic. Maranatha

  2. Chafik says:

    True some people in the west see Japan(and Japanese) as some mysitcal land where the people are like from another world. This is kind of racist and antiquated thinking in my opinion